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Autoimmune and Inflammation Breakthrough

Have you been struggling with symptoms that no doctor can seem to piece together? Maybe you already have been diagnosed with an autoimmune conditions, such as Hashimoto’s disease or Crohn’s disease, or maybe you’re still looking for answers. You’re not alone if you’ve seen doctor after doctor, addressing each of your symptoms as they come up, but failing to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how all of your symptoms are interrelated.

Maybe you’ve read every article you can find on your symptoms, and you understand that certain foods or environmental triggers can make your symptoms worse…but your doctor doesn’t believe you. Maybe you’ve been told that your only option is to take strong medications, or to “live with it,” or even worse, that it’s “all in your head.”

As someone who has struggled with autoimmune disease myself, I’m here to tell you that it’s not in your head. You can take back control of your health, with some patience, commitment, and hard work. With the right lifestyle and eating approach, and some investigative work with me as your partner, you can work to reverse your condition and take control of your health. Together, let’s uncover the “why” underlying your symptoms and figure out the best plan for YOU to heal and flourish.

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Here are just some of the results you can create from working with me in my signature program:

  • More energy
  • Less pain and inflammation
  • A healthy mentality about food and eating choices
  • Prioritizing a health and wellness plan that fits YOU and your goals
  • Less bloating, burping, and gastrointestinal problems
  • Improvement in skin issues, like eczema, dry skin, or rashes
  • Busting the stress and anxiety cycle about your health
  • Becoming your own best advocate for your health
You deserve nothing less!

Program Inclusions

  • Immunology-based testing through Cyrex labs
  • Comprehensive Stool Testing to assess for potential pathogens, presence of inflammation in the gut, and to see the balance of good and bad microbes
  • Personalized Meal Planning and Strategies, including Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • 6-month membership to Heartroot Health and Wellness’s Resource Library of educational courses and material
  • Access to Dr. Laura’s group-based program forums, to exchanges questions and comments with others in the community
  • Discount on Professional Grade Supplements
  • Individualized therapeutic plan with updates after each session, based on your needs and progress
  • Step-by-Step Individualized Guidance, phased protocols, and phase-specific resources and recommendations
  • Secure messaging in-between sessions via a HIPAA-compliant app and portal
  • Your own portable Red Light Device to ensure you have consistent access to this amazing therapy

Additional program benefits

  • Learn the root causes of autoimmunity and proven strategies to overcome them
  • Use the accompanying workbook to make the connections between physical, nutritional, and emotional components that may be contributing to flare-ups or might be road-blocks in your journey to being well
  • Learn about therapies to support your health and healing, such as red light therapy, infrared sauna use, cryotherapy, therapeutic food combining, making your own herbal tinctures, and more
  • Have the option to join a community of others working towards the same goals for additional support and ideas
  • Finally, take the reins of your health into your own hands and become your own best advocate

Are you ready to join me in taking back your health?

Yes, I’m Ready