The Benefits of Green Tea

Ready to be let in on a little secret?benefits of green tea

The benefits of green tea can change your life.

How? It’s a cost-effective way to keep your mind and body healthy, naturally.

Green tea, unlike black tea, is unprocessed. The leaves are steamed directly from harvest preserving all their natural nutrients including vitamins A, D, E, B, and K.

Green tea contains low levels of caffeine. It has about ¼ the amount of caffeine you'd find in a cup of coffee and about half the amount of caffeine in a typical cup of black tea.

It’s also a source of powerful antioxidants that can protect your cells against damage from environmental factors.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea boosts your heart health. Green tea helps regulate blood pressure, prevents the narrowing of arteries, and protects artery linings from forming clots. It also reduces bad cholesterol and improves the ratio between good and bad cholesterol.

benefits of green teaGreen tea may help delay the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. Studies have shown that the catechins in green tea reduce the levels of brain plaque that leads to Alzheimer's. Scientists have also discovered that the compounds L-theanine and caffeine can improve alertness and attention levels.

Green tea reduces your risk of diabetes. Drinking this tea helps regulate blood glucose levels and spikes in blood sugar after eating.

Green tea helps keep arthritis pain at bay. Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory. According to some studies, people who drank green tea instead of just water were less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

Green tea helps fight allergy symptoms and asthma. The natural anti-inflammatory elements of green tea help reduce the kind inflammation that causes allergy and asthma symptoms.

benefits of green tea

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Green tea combats bone damage. As you age, your bones begin to weaken. Regularly drinking green tea can keep your bones stronger and prevent signs of weakening.

Green tea can boost your metabolism and help with weight loss. The polyphenols found in green tea help increase fat oxidation and the rate at which you burn calories. Also, the catechins in green tea enhance the release of norepinephrine, the hormone that stimulates the breakdown of fat cells.

Green tea is good for your skin. Applying green tea directly to your skin can help get rid of acne and relieve painful sunburns.

Not Your Cup of Tea?

benefits of green teaIf drinking a few cups of green tea every day might be a challenge for you, the supplement is also available in capsule form.

This way, you’re still getting the amazing benefits but may be running to use the facilities a bit less.

Green Tea For Life

The superior amounts of anti-oxidants make green tea such a great disease-fighting resource. It is an all-encompassing powerhouse preventer and healer of many health challenges you might face.

If you want to be proactive about your health, we recommend adding green tea to your daily routine (along with healthy eating and exercise, of course!)

So put away your morning cup of coffee and start sipping green tea today.