Are you fighting a Chronic Condition or just not feeling well?


Working with me will provide you with the partner you need to finally reach your health and wellness goals. Have you been dealing with a chronic health condition or not been feeling well for awhile, and are having trouble figuring out why you feel the way you do? Let me help you identify the root cause of your concerns, and work with you towards a happier, healthier version of you! I love working with clients who are suffering from complex autoimmune conditions, longstanding gut and digestion problems, or those who have just not found the right fit in a practitioner. I have been working in the functional medicine field for several years, and will approach your case with evidence-based knowledge and recommendations.

Because no two therapeutic plans are the same, and because working with each other requires a commitment on both our parts, we’ll jump on a clarity call first before we agree to work together!

Why do we do this first? Because I want to make sure that my approach is a good fit for you and is aligned with your own personal health and wellness goals.  It will also allow me to see which of my program offers the best fit for you, whether that is 1 on 1 coaching or a group-based program.

Are you ready to talk about what’s possible for you?

Heartroot Health and Wellness™ Programs


  1. The Autoimmune and Inflammation Breakthrough Program
  2. Restore Your Gut Health Program
  3. Twelve Weeks to Wellness: A Transformational Program
Signature Programs


  1. Rooted in Fasting: A Program for Diet Variation, Ending Sugar Dependency, and Incorporating Anti-Aging Strategies
  2. Rooted in Fertility: A Nutritional and Lifestyle Program to Help Optimize Reproductive Health
Coming Soon


  1. Rooted in Movement: A Course to Optimize Nutrition for the Active Individual
  2. Rooted in Mindfulness: A Course to Incorporate the Brain-Body Connection into Everyday Life to help with stress, anxiety, focus, and more
  3. Rooted in the Kitchen: A Guide to Cooking Methods for Optimal Nutrition
  4. Rooted in Intuition:  An Intuitive Eating Approach to Escape the “Diet” Mentality Once and For All
Coming Soon

Why work with Heartroot?

Dr. Laura has structured her practice to devote the one-on-one time to you that you’ve been looking for.  You won’t get lost in a large practice, where all clients get the same treatment plan, and you’ll be able to spend more time with her working towards your health and wellness goals than your average physician visit.  If you’re ready to have a partner working with you towards your goals, and you want to have an active role in your health, then let me help you on your way!

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