How to Recover from Thanksgiving Feasts

Weight loss is a tough commitment that takes a lot of hard work and effort. Which is why it is very frustrating when the scale stays stuck, especially when one has followed a strict weight loss program including diet and exercise.

FindMySkinnyGenes is an individualized weight loss program, that is based on one's gene sequence, to determine diet, exercise and supplement intake. Using this three-pronged approach makes for highly effective weight loss and detoxification program. Genes involving energy usage play a part in the exercise one should do. Variations involving storage of nutrients influence the recommended diet and supplement intake given by the results. Using a DNA-based program maximizes the efficiency of weight loss in one who follows the three aspects of the program.

Genetic analysis is an analysis of one's individual genes, including the unique variations that can help create an effective weight loss regimen for one's specific body type and DNA. Therefore, it is easy to say that one's gene sequence holds a considerable influence over their metabolic function. The test is a simple cheek swab that reports one's gene sequence and a summary of their genetic predisposition. Targeting gene variations allows the test to report how one's body specifically functions in a situation.

To determine exercise, the test focuses on gene variations that deal with the body's response to exercise at varying intensity, regulation of metabolic pathways and how it reacts to sugar. Diet is determined by focusing on gene variations that indicate insulin resistance and fatty acid absorption. It also looks at genes that determined exercise for diet. Supplements are used to support the body's specific metabolic process. Using genetic analysis to find this process allows supplements to compliment one's genotype.

By focusing on five variations of four genes, this test reports how one's body deals with fat absorption, exercise, insulin resistance, obesity, fat cell differentiation and blood sugar levels.

All of these biological responses and biochemical reactions is important for effective weight loss and optimal health. The variations of these genes from person to person is what makes the program unique and specific to the individual. It will report weaknesses in one's genetic makeup that one can then fix. The integration of exercise and nutritional data based on this report allows the body to function smoothly and effectively.

Following this program will allow one to achieve optimal cellular function and weight loss for better overall health and wellbeing.