Natural Remedies to Seasonal Allergies

Spring can be difficult for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Spring allergies typically begin in February and last through early summer. About 50 million people in the United States, to some degree, suffer from seasonal allergies.

The biggest trigger of spring allergies is tree pollen. When trees begin to bud and leaves pop they release tiny particles of pollen into the air. The body recognizes pollen as foreign triggering the immune system into action. The result is inflammation.

Allergy symptoms are similar to that of the common cold. Sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure, headache, cough and fatigue. However, colds usually last about a week, whereas allergies can come in bouts and last for several weeks. It may be confusing at first, especially if you've never experienced allergies before, but contrary to what might be believed, allergies can begin later in life and/or develop (worsen) over time.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies what do you do?

There are many options available, and for those who prefer to avoid synthetic drug options, there are holistic remedies to try:

Neti Pot Flushing your sinus cavities out using a neti pot can keep your nasal passages moist, clean and free of debris. The saline solution used in neti pots helps the little hairs, called cilia, move mucus along. When this happens, the pollen and other allergens trapped in the mucus also get washed out.

Healthy Diet and Lots of Water When it comes to allergies, the need for a consistently healthy diet is no different than any other ailment. Avoiding processed foods, excess sugar, excess salt and eating more fruits and vegetables helps keep the immune system strong and inflammation at bay. Avoiding caffeine and getting adequate amounts of sleep also has a huge effect at boosting the immune system.

Herbs Herbal remedies like stinging nettle, peppermint and elderflower have natural histamines and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. Herbs can be found as tea, in a capsule or as a tincture. When considering herbal supplements, it's important to consult with your doctor or pharmacist in order to be aware of any side effects or potential reactions with any current medication you are on.

HistaCalm At the Rochester Holistic Center we offer a holistic supplement called HistaCalm. This formula contains Tinofend which has been shown to support the activity of macrophages, a type of white blood cell that digests cellular debris, and any foreign substance.

You shouldn't have to avoid lovely spring and summer weather because of your allergies. The key takeaways when managing seasonal allergies are to find the best remedy for you. And, there are alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription drugs.