What is SAMe?

SAMe is a chemical that is naturally occurring in the body, however it can also be made in the laboratory. Its full name is S-Adenosyl Methionine and it is used commonly as a methylator in the body. Methylation is a process of activation of chemicals in the body. SAMe is derived from two common chemicals, methionine, an amino acid, and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Where can I find SAMe in my diet?

Your body creates SAMe so it isn’t an essential nutrient. But, if you are deficient in methionine, folate, or Vitamin B12, then you can have low levels of SAMe and thus, you would need to take a supplement. Supplementation is the best way to achieve proper levels of SAMe.

How does SAMe work?

SAMe is a great treatment for osteoathtritis and depression. It has also been used to help with symptoms of fibromyalgia and as a supportive treatment for Parkinson’s disease. SAMe is used in the body to activate other chemicals. Thus, the bodily chemicals that play a role in pain, depression, liver disease and other conditions, need SAMe to be activated and perform their job.

What is the scientific evidence?

There is a lot of evidence that supports the idea of SAMe being used as a treatment of osteoarthritis. Double blind studies were conducted and found that SAMe is about as effective as other standard anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals. It also showed that SAMe can protect cartilage from damage. There is also a lot of evidence supports SAMe’s use in treatments for depression. Many studies have found that SAMe was effective in relieving depression symptoms. Many studies have concluded that SAMe is just as effective as other antidepressants.