Skinny Genes

What is Skinny Genes?

“Skinny” GenesTM is a weight loss program that features genetic testing. Your genes are the code to your body. Everyone knows that DNA dictates gender, hair and eye color, whether or not you have freckles and your height. Why does anyone think it is different for exercise, diet or reaching optimal health?


Why Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is an analysis that identifies unique variations in genes or proteins, the results of which provides precise genetic information about an individual. The ability to uncover such detailed information has only become available for consumer use in the past few years. Genetic testing, until this time, has been used to diagnose or rule out hereditary disorders or diseases. On the forefront of health and wellness, genetic testing is now available to uncover an individual’s metabolic requirements, paths to weight loss, an athlete’s steps to peak performance, and can even help to avoid childhood obesity.

Ultimately, we are creating the platform for ANYONE to reach their optimal health. The analysis identifies the polymorphisms that have the most influential role in physiological response(s) targeted for weight loss, nutrient absorption or metabolic process. Initially, we analyze the most influential gene in regards to each section (DO, EAT or TAKE), which provides the foundation for each recommendation of exercise (DO), diet (EAT) and specific supplementation (TAKE). We then explore the interplay of the remaining polymorphisms that support or potentially override the genetic expression, and make adjustments to the final results based on the physiological interaction(s).


What to Do?

  • The test provides you with insight onto what type of exercise you should be doing to lose weight and to maintain your weight. Your genes tell us how receptive your body is to exercise. From that, we can conclude what INTENSITY and QUANTITY is needed to lose weight or maintain your current weight.

What to Eat?

  • This test tells you the types of foods you should eat and provides you with examples of those foods. How much carbohydrates, fats and protein can your body handle? Your genes know the answer to┬áthis question. By testing for those 4 genetic markers, we can conclude what foods are best for you.

What to Take?

  • Are you tired of trying to figure out what supplements are good for you? Your genes hold the answer to this too! This test gives you answers to what supplements your body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also provides the right supplements to help you lose weight.


What makes this weight loss program different?

This weight loss program is different because once you take the genetic test, you’re done. You never have to get the test done again because your DNA is never going to change! Once you get the results, those results last a lifetime. This program eliminates stress over what foods to eat because you know what foods your body can handle. With these results, you know what exercise that will be more time-saving for you. You can save money by spending money on the RIGHT supplements. So, no more wasting money on supplements that don’t work for you.

Why is Skinny Genes different fom other Genetic Testing?

This program is different because it involves full gene sequencing. Many other genetic tests are SNP gene tests. This SNP gene tests do not look at the entire gene sequence. It is similar to watching a trailer of a movie to figure out the entire plot line. Thus, it renders them 40% inaccurate compared to full gene sequencing. If you want to know the plot of the movie, you don’t watch the trailer. This is why full gene sequencing leaves no room for error.


Thanks for reading!