“After working with Dr. Laura for just a few months, I can honestly say I feel HEALTHIER and STRONGER than I have in YEARS!”


"I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease 6 years ago and have jumped around to all different types of doctors and practitioners, trying to find someone to listen to me and really help me to feel better.  After working with Dr. Laura for just a few months, I can honestly say I feel healthier and stronger than I have in YEARS! I learned that my gut health and my diet were huge root causes of my symptoms, and that by focusing just on my thyroid I was totally missing the bigger pictures of my health.  It's so nice to be able to spring out of bed in the morning and chase after my little ones and to not feel exhausted.  I've decided to start studying to be a functional medicine-based health coach after my experience with Dr. Laura - she changed my life!"
- Tara R.,  AZ

“I was so lucky to start working with Dr. Laura during my pregnancy and after having my third baby. She was able to guide me through my post-partum anxieties, stresses, and lack of sleep to find the right mix of herbs and supplements to help me stay off of taking anti-depressants (which I had needed after baby #1, but not after #2!). I sent all my mommy friends to her also, keeping us and our babies healthy and sane. In addition to keeping my mind healthy during this difficult time, after the baby was weaned, her health and wellness coaching enabled me to lose weight and fit back into my clothing from my pre-baby days! I feel so lucky to have had her guidance and support during this important time in my life.”

~ Rena S., NJ

“As a Type II diabetic, as well as suffering from cirrhosis, I had the good fortune to meet Dr. DeCesaris and work with her, using a system-oriented approach of cause and effect where she was able to put together a nutritional plan, complemented with exercise, that resulted in a return to a normal blood sugar level and a Hemoglobin A1c of 5.1. Additionally, I lost 30 pounds over the past year. I not only feel better, but I am now able to return to a more enjoyable lifestyle.”

~ Jim M., NJ

I am delighted to recommend Dr. Laura! The first time we met a few years ago, I was in pain and terrified that I was not going to be able to find relief. Her calm and welcoming demeanor immediately put me at ease, and we started a journey together to improve several chronic health issues I’ve grappled with in my everyday life.

Dr. Laura is one of the smartest, most insightful medical professionals I’ve ever met. She was able to make connections in areas of my health that others didn’t, and recommendations that helped begin the process of uncovering the root causes of my digestive challenges.

She is extremely easy to work with, and makes simple lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that are effective and easy to incorporate into a busy life.

I cannot recommend her enough!

- K.F., NJ

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