Functional Medicine Doctor in Scottsdale, AZ

An evidence-based, biology-driven approach to holistic healthcare

Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of a given disease, rather than just treating an individual’s symptoms. Conventional medicine and functional medicine use many of the same tools, but functional medicine focuses on optimizing your health and quality of life in ways you didn’t know were possible! Functional medicine is an evidence-based, biology-driven approach to holistic healthcare.

As the graphic below illustrates, a diagnosis may be the result of many causes. Here, depression can be caused by various factors, one of which is inflammation. Similarly, a cause such as inflammation may lead to a number of different diagnoses, including but not limited to depression. Each cause may manifest differently in different people, depending on a person’s genes, environment, and lifestyle. This is why individualized treatment plans are so important – only addressing the right cause for each person will have long-lasting benefits.

Image courtesy of the Institute for Functional Medicine

Learn how YOU can be the best guide for reaching your health and wellness goals

As a society, we can’t go on eating terrible food, be overly sedentary, and depend solely on medications to clean up the mess, all the while wondering why we keep getting sicker and sicker. Functional medicine will teach you about your body and health, and will show you how YOU can be the best guide for reaching your health and wellness goals. By eating and living in a way that makes sense for you, you’re an active participant alongside your healthcare professional, and you will work together to make the right decisions for you to live your best life!